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Construction & Roofing Marketing

Construction Progress Monitoring

Drones have become an indispensable tool for construction companies, revolutionizing the industry in numerous ways.  Real-time aerial views allow project managers to track construction progress, identify issues early, and ensure projects stay on schedule.


Time-Laspe Videography

Drone time-lapse captures the entire construction process, providing a comprehensive visual record from beginning to end. Reviewing time-lapse videos allows for in-depth project analysis, helping construction companies refine processes and improve efficiency.

Roof Inspections

Accurate drone data assists in processing insurance claims swiftly and efficiently, benefiting both the roofing company and its clients. Drones eliminate the need for manual roof inspections, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries for roofing personnel and clients.

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Construction / Roofing Packages


Aerial Images


Professionally  Edited

Monthly : Bi-Weekly : Weekly


Essential Package

Traditional Orbit Aerial Videography 

30 Sec Video Comp

Monthly : Bi-Weekly : Weekly


Basic Package

FPV Drone Tour

30-90 Sec Video Comp

Monthly : Bi-Weekly : Weekly

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